Compulsory KRA validation of email and mobile:

In accordance with the most recent Circular from the KRA Registration Agencies (CVL)(CVL/OPS/INTERM/GENRL/23-163) dated 28th April 2023, clients are required to promptly validate their email address and mobile number using the provided KRA link below.

Failure to complete this validation will result in the following consequences:

1. Existing open positions under the margin in the derivatives segment will be squared off.
2. Prohibition of establishing new positions or carrying forward existing ones until KRA validation is done.
3. Temporary suspension of activity in your Demat account until KRA validation is confirmed.
4. Any outstanding debit balance remaining in your account ledger after 12 pm on 18th August 2023 will be cleared by selling your holdings. It is advised to clear any debit balance prior to the mentioned deadline to prevent forced squaring off.

To proceed with the validation process, kindly review the communication sent to your official email ID. From the options provided in the table below, select the appropriate link and follow through to complete the validation procedure